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Toyota’s final push for group-wide wage hikes

TOKYO — Toyota Motor agreed to a record pay-scale increase during Japan’s spring wage negotiations, paving the way for other major companies to follow suit. Many other companies have already announced substantial increases in basic wages, which has helped boost Japanese stock prices. The benchmark Nikkei Stock Average is trading in the upper-19,000 level, and…

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Dangerously in denial on climate change

According to government scientists, last year was the hottest year recorded. This is indeed terrible and inconvenient news. Not just for polar bears or victims of drought, or even dwellers on the coastline, but it is inconvenient for politicians who insist on not accepting the reality of global warming, in spite of all the available…

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Republicans Complain Obama Tax Proposal is a “Non-Starter”

This Sunday, Republicans in Congress came out strongly against President Obama’s tax plan which would increase taxes burdens for America’s highest income earners, saying the idea was a “non-starter” and that they did not consider it a serious proposal. The White House released the plan on Saturday which reveals the details of how taxes would…

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